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About Us

Small Businesses are the core of our business. Ultimately, small businesses maintain a limited amount of manpower and typically do not need the expense of an in-house marketing and advertising manager.

Marketing and advertising are what gives oxygen to the blood of a small business and without them, a small business will suffocate and die. The solution is to farm out the work and "pay as you go" for critical marketing and advertising functions. This will keep the costs under control.

Quite frankly, marketing and advertising for a small business and especially sole proprietors is often treated as a part-time necessity when in fact it requires full-time attention at a part-time cost.

This is where SolutionsNational steps in and with automation and established marketing and advertising channels provides services that if done manually would take over 1860 hours (over 75 days) of around the clock data entry at the cost of only 100 hours at minimum wage.

This is value of the highest caliber!