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Assisted Living Report

Assisted Living and the cost of Placement Fees

For years, the growth of Assisted Living Homes in Arizona has grown and quite frankly left many vacancies at top homes which has a great impact on the cash flow and survivability of many of these homes.

Not many years ago, having 100% residency was an easy task and owning an Assisted Living Home was a profitable venture and a great service to the families with elderly members who preferred the ambiance of a "Home" to a nursing home. As vacancies rose, placement services cropped up and began providing prospective residents... for a fee. Some fees are one month's residency fee which varies depending on the level of service required by the resident. Lately, some homes are paying 150% of the monthly residency fee in order to fill their vacancies.

As owners of, (assisted living placement), we are very familiar with the current marketplace and also very aware of the dominance on the internet of certain companies that populate the world wide web with "landing pages" or "capture pages" in an attempt to grab leads out of our market and submit them for a fee.

For us, it was a part time venture to assist friends who owned homes. As we have grown our advertising and marketing company,, we made the choice to help the assisted living homes from a marketing point of view instead of bringing clients as a discount "not for profit" service.

For those who take advantage of our social marketing and classified automation, we can now dominate the internet with our client's message and attract a surplus of prospective client residents and save our clients the exorbidant fees and return them to a very profitable venture. Our program is so pervasive in the local markets in which we advertise that we limit the number of clients in a region. Our clients dominate their marketplace.

For more info on how we can fill your homes with "No Placement Fee",